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About time for an update ^^;;

Wow, haven't updated here for a bit.  A bunch of stuff to post today. 8D


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That's about all for now...hmm, need to update my Bishies gallery...-_-;;)

Bored so I thought I'd post these here. XD;

I was playing around with making abstract backgrounds and decided to turn them into sigs with some Izaya and Shizuo renders I collected. XD

final holiday decor ^^;

Final decor for X-mas...a holiday banner for my lj. Finally...orz x-posted to bishie_licious .

mah lazy post XD

Copy and pasted my post from over on AS...b'cause I'm lazy today. orz

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moar stuff...XD

Okay a quick listing of the stuff that I made since my last update here.

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a small update for now...:D

Only two things to post right now...Halloween-related sig and banner.

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Sigs and banners

So I made these for Animesuki's Signature of the Month - June.  But I'm only entering the Alice signature.  Yes, I actually made female-render sigs...shocking, ain't it? Of course, I'm not going to use these. XDD Although, the third one with the silhouette of the girl, I may use as a banner for my lj or for this community - kind of like the uniqueness of the picture. 


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Some knickknacks 8D

I've been playing around with various things like textures and brushes and made some random icons, sigs, and banners.  The sigs are potential candidates for Animesuki's SOTM (Signature of the Month) Contest.  I'm still debating on whether I'll submitt one of those or do something completely different.  The banner is a new one I made for bishie_licious  .

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