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I was triple dared...~_~

It's been a while since my last photomanip...and here I made another one because SOMEONE! dared me to. and I was going to do it anyway >D.

...umm...Hi...bird??? O_oCollapse )

Going backwards lol

Some other sigs and banners I did in the past.

going backwards...Collapse )

First post! 8D

The idea for this community all starts with my most recent banner, which I started out making for my lj.  It turned out rather well, for my skill level...haha.  It was during the creation of this banner that I thought: hmm, maybe I should set up another lj account just to post my (pathetic) photoshop work because it would be kind of fun to have an outlet for me to show my creativity.  Even though it's not up there in skill level and technical difficulty, it's something fun for me.  So voila, Mystic Visions community is born.  Instead of creating a totally new account, I turned an old community (that was collecting dust) into my photoshop outlet.

So here's the most recent banner I created using Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles images.  I changed it slightly to make it the first banner for this Mystic Visions.

On my lj:

For this community:

The idea for this banner was rather serendipitous.  I was fudging around with Photoshop CS4 and created the window looking into the two Syaorans you see there.  Then the idea of making a new banner for my lj sort of bloomed from there.

(1) The window texture is from cgtextures.com
(2) Sakura picture was posted by Keithfiann on Animepaper
(3) Syaorans scan was grabbed from Aethereality Gallery
(4) Software used is Adobe Photoshop CS4

partially x-posted to animelife 



(1) Please credit Mystic Visions ([info]co5mo5) if you use any of the creations from this community
(2) Do not alter any of the creations or use them as bases for your own work.  I may make exceptions for bases but ASK first!
(3) Enjoy your stay.  Comments are most welcomed. ;D