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Mystic Visions

For visions come not with polluted eyes...

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anime and manga signatures, icons, banners and other photoshop creations community
About: Hi, I'm PreSage (pr3sag3). Although I've been creating icons and signatures for a while now, I still consider myself a noobie, especially at photoshop. All the icons and signatures, and most banners you see me use on my communities and lj accounts are made by me. If it is not made by me, I will certainly credit the creator here. Mystic Visions is created to be an outlet for my own photoshop work.


(1) Please credit Mystic Visions (co5mo5) if you use any of the creations from this community.
(2) Do not alter any of the creations or use them as bases for your own work. I may make exceptions for bases but ASK first!
(3) Enjoy your stay and comments are most welcomed! ;D

Subtitle Quote: For visions come not with polluted eyes. - Mary Howitt